Burntcard Blackjack for Windows 10


9575 reviews
Burntcard Blackjack offers authentic and configurable casino gameplay with fun extras such as a bankroll history, achievements and detailed statistics.
Free bonus cash at regular intervals helps keep you in the game while achievement bonuses help top up your bankroll. The included table editor allows you to customize your Blackjack experience so that you can play the same rules as your local casino or you can just play at one of the 4 different built-in tables.
Once you've decided which table is your favorite, you can pin the table to the start screen so that you can get to the action right away!
Install Burntcard Blackjack and enjoy casino style blackjack without breaking the bank.

This game is supported by advertisements. This game contains in-app purchases for ad removal and for additional in-game money. Purchasing in-game money is not required to play the game. This is not real gambling.

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